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7 Good Reasons Why You Need A Tarot Reading Today
By Sophia Loren, Professional tarot reader and celebrated psychic
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Are you stuck on a problem? Questioning your life’s direction? Intrigued by the ancient art of divination?

Most importantly: 
Would you like to get a Tarot reading for free
Really, free. No cost. Zip. Nada. Gratis.

If you’re anything like me, your first thought is, “Why not! I like free stuff.” 
But bear with me a moment, because I'll explain many other reasons why Tarot is a fantastic resource for you.

If you’re feeling lost and uncertain about where to go from here…
If you want advice, but can’t afford a therapist…
If you’re curious about magic or quantum mechanics…
Then Tarot offers a lovely, low-cost, accessible solution. 

Here are 7 good reasons you should get a Tarot reading today.
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1) You Have A Problem You Aren’t Sure How To Solve
Think of a Tarot reading as a brainstorming session. 

My clients often value the chance to a) state their problem clearly, and b) start considering new and different solutions. 

The cards are going to throw out a lot of different ideas, some of which you will appreciate, others of which you won’t (although you should probably consider them anyway). 

Even if you come into the reading feeling stuck, this flurry of advice is usually enough to kick your brain back in gear. Remember, the cards only offer suggestions: it’s up to you to decide when, and how, you put them into action. 
2) You Want To Connect With Your Subconscious
WHY do you do what you do? 

Have you considered how long-forgotten memories and old emotions might influence your current actions? 

The problem with the subconscious, of course, is that by definition we are unaware of its inner workings. Yet it’s possible to dredge up these unconscious leanings through a process of association. 

Tarot is ideal for this because both its gorgeous illustrations and complex meanings are almost universally archetypal—that is, they contain ideas and images that will apply to nearly everyone. 

My reaction to The Emperor and your reaction to The Emperor are likely to be quite different, but we will, nevertheless, both experience a powerful response. 

By carefully examining these feelings as they arise, you can learn a great deal about your own subconscious tendencies.
3) You’re Curious About The Future
Without going into a long spiel about retrocausality and quantum mechanics, suffice it to say that physicists are now exploring the possibility that the future can influence the past. 

So far they’re mostly investigating this on the quantum scale, but published experiments by Darryl Bem and other researchers appear to suggest the effect may function on a human level. 

My clients and I primarily value Tarot as a tool for psychological insight, but hey, there’s a reason it’s called “divination.” 

Certainly I’ve given readings where the predictions were…spookily accurate.
4) You Want To Treat Yourself
There’s a certain luxurious appeal to Tarot readings. 

The beautiful illustrations…the poetic interpretations…the chance to focus completely on yourself for a half-hour without paying a therapist…Yet no animal was harmed in the making of your reading, it involves no nasty chemicals, and it will not go straight to your hips. 

If only all indulgences were this cheap and guilt-free.
5) You’d Like To Be Part Of A Powerful Historical Tradition
The earliest versions of Tarot cards first arrived in Europe as far back as the late 1300s, likely from Egypt. 

In the beginning they were used to play various card games, but like many other card decks—including today’s modern playing cards—were soon employed for divinatory purposes. 

Although the cards themselves were not derived from ancient Egyptian mysticism or Kabbalah (as is sometimes mistakenly believed), creators of occult decks often used themes and imagery from those traditions to better express the cards’ intended meanings. 

Therefore, when you read Tarot cards, you are enjoying the results of a centuries-old technique with even more ancient interpretative and allegorical roots. 
6) You’re Interested In Magical Practices (and Ouija Boards Freak You Out)
There’s an occult revival taking place, spurred largely by online communities who not only swap experiences and tips, but who also share newly-digitized historical texts. 

It’s an intriguing cultural surge of everything from ancient myths to new theories of psi, but can also be intimidating if you’re not already an experienced practitioner. 

If that’s not you, but you’d like to dip your toes in some magical waters, Tarot is a great way to dabble. 

You don’t have to worry about coven politics, cultural appropriation, or accidentally summoning demons with your Ouija board. Just sign up for a Tarot reading, and see for yourself what the fuss is about
7) You Can Get A Reading For FREE Right Now
I don’t expect you to take my word on any of this—I’m giving you the chance to try it for yourself, at no cost for your first tarot reading.

It's my welcome gift to you  :)

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