Till My “Awaken Your Universal Character” Tarot Reading Unlocks The Natural Talents Buried Within You!

I have already shown thousands of readers since 2011 how to discover their universal innate strengths, talents and gifts… and use this new-found knowledge to maximize their potentials to succeed further in all areas of their lives - from business, health, wealth, career, relationship to family success

From the desk of Sophia Loren


Dear Reader,

This is your personal invitation to give the “Awaken Your Universal Character (AYUC) Tarot Reading” an honest try. It is a deeply revealing, unique tarot reading based on over a decade of research.

I’ve been curious about how human potential works since a young age. And over the last 10 years, I have put in over 40,000 hours of research work to read hundreds of journals and thousands of articles in order to develop the AYUC technique.

Today, the AYUC Tarot Reading is a tested-and-proven methodology that reveals your Universal Character which then enables you to unlock your unique secret codes to achieve success in all areas of your life-health, wealth, academic, career, romantic relationships.

The AYUC Tarot Has Helped Many
Over The Years To Liberate The Undiscovered Brilliance In Them

“I’m now giving myself permission to be who I really am.”

Sophia’s wisdom on “Universal Character” has widened my knowledge about myself, my hidden strengths, and weaknesses too. Her reading has encouraged me deeply to be myself, and this has served both as a compass and anchor in my life. I’m now giving myself permission to be who I really am.
    - Kimberly H.*

“...opened the door to discovery that helped me free me”

It changed my life. No kidding. Sophia’s reading of my Universal Character opened to the door to discovery that helped me free me to be my true self.
    - Michael R.*

“...expand my life to become the greatest expression of me possible”

Learning about my Universal Character has allowed me to take the needed steps to become the Authentic Me, so I can stop giving my power away. Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve taken Sophia’s advice and am making steady progress to expand my life to become the greatest of me possible. Thank you Sophia.
  - Barbara C.*
Discovering Your Universal Character Will Unlock Your Hidden Strengths and Abilities You Never Knew Existed In You

From my decades of research, I discovered this… it doesn’t matter if you’re eighteen years old or ninety… man or woman… or your education status… or even how badly you did in school as a child.

You can quickly unlock your true potential to find a better paying job, double your salary, forge better relationships with your love ones… and even start a profitable business.

What’s the secret? It’s as simple as this —

I believe that you can perform every one of these accomplishments - and more - far easier and faster than you’ve ever dreamed because you have a “Universal Character” hidden within you. It is a source of great potential for growth and success that’s buried deep within you… waiting for you to unleash it.

And you’ll soon discover in your personal “Universal Character” tarot reading, how you can finally UNLOCK your Universal Character for personal growth and success.

You’ll discover what your talents are, as well as blind-spots so you can better correct your weakness and maximize your strengths to achieve your peak performance.

I will also provide you with the right tools to Add, Build, Create, Develop, Enhance and Fortify your life to enhance your success.

Your AYUC Tarot Will Reveal Your Universal Character… Identify Your Talents, So You Can Utilize Them To Lead A Better Life

Card 1: Snapshot of Your Universal Character

  • Who is the real inner you - discover what truly excites you deeply so you can save the trouble, stress and pain of having to find out the hard and slow way
  • What you have come into this life to teach and learn? These life lessons will give you clarity of what is truly important in your life and your future direction in life

Card 2: Gifts You Are Aware Of

  • Discover the talents and abilities you are already expressing in your life
  • You’ll see that once you identified all your natural strengths, you’ll be able to see your REALITY clearly and thereby see opportunities and chances to attain your dreams and goals 

Card 3: How Well Are You At Expressing Your Current Gifts?

  • How do you feel about sharing these gifts?
  • How to further draw out these gifts within you? These natural gifts of yours will impel you to play with fire and to touch the stars in your dreams

Card 4: Gifts You Are Not Aware Of

  • What are the special talents and abilities that you have not yet fully tapped into (you many have an inkling as to what these are, but you haven’t explored them yet)
  • How to leverage your lesser known character traits

Card 5: What Is Blocking You?

  • What is holding you back from sharing your gifts – for example, fears, limiting beliefs, attitudes, past events
  • What you need to release or change in order to express your talents more freely
  • What are the weak points to look out for that’s hurting your life… and how to overcome them

Card 6: Actions You Can Take To Share Your Gifts

  • What meaningful decisions you have to make (in the next 3 weeks) to ensure that you utilize and maximize your talents
  • Where to pour your energies and time (in the next 3 weeks) that will advance you towards the realization of a better life
Here’s What You’ll Learn At The End Of Your “Awaken Your Universal Character” Tarot Reading
  • Discover what is your Universal Character… to get a glimpse into your True Self. You’ll learn what are your natural tendencies (including your beliefs and values)… that can reveal what’s truly important in your life, so you draw out a Life path that’s right for you
  • You’ll discover your unique “milion dollar talent” that you’re not using. Once you discover your special talent and put it into action, you’ll move yourself towards wealth and prosperity. 
  • Plus, discover your deepest desires, motivations, ambitions and beliefs that you’re completely unaware of to lead to you to more satisfaction and fulfillment in your life  
  • You’ll also get a glimpse into your blind-spot. Knowing and correcting your weakness will help you get past obstacles and blocks to invite success into your life  
  • Finally, how to quickly and easily change the personality traits that are holding you back to realign you back on the most direct path to success and happiness
Send Me Your Urgent Request

Your life is about to change! It’s time to act today. However, I understand that fear of the unknown sometimes prevents us from taking risks.
It is this fear which hinders progress in life and creates a lack of self-confidence. I urge you to be not afraid… be bold and take a leap of faith with me.

Let me help you commit to awakening and uncovering your Universal Character, and break down the barriers that have blocked you in the past.

I’m offering you my helping hand because I believe in you, and I am sure that you have the inner strength to take this step forward towards a new understanding of yourself that will lead to a better life.

Try It At My Risk For A Full 60 Days

The groundbreaking Tarot Reading is only $27. But it is yours to read without risking a penny for my work is covered by a 60-day satisfaction and money back guarantee.

You prove it to yourself at my risk for sixty full days. It must do everything I say, or simply send us an email at for every of your money back immediately.

That way you can be certain that your life can change without taking any financial risk. Plus, this also means you can use this information as quickly as possible, so you truly discover who you really are (your Universal Character), your inborn strengths, talents, and gifts… and how you can further develop these capacities to bring immense abundance into your life.

Yes Sophia, Please Prepare
My AYUC Tarot Reading
  • YES, I want in! I want access to my personal  “Awaken Your Universal Character” Tarot Reading right now.
Regular Price: $69.00
Today Only: $27

Your very own personalised reading is waiting for you to claim. Just $27 today, and I will take approximately a day to prepare your reading. This will be sent to your email the moment it’s ready.

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