The Most Aggressive Tarot Spread Specifically Created For Those Actively Seeking To Gain Financial Abundance
“The Charging Bull”
Tarot Spread

You speak to a financial adviser for general investment advice… which bank to choose, which saving plans give the best returns… and everything goes well.

Yet if you try speaking to your financial adviser for INTIMATE FINANCIAL ADVICE that can reverse ill-fortunes, manifest your first pot of gold, or even how to gain rapid financial abundance without having to buy any of his investments plans or products… you’re likely to be terribly disappointed.

This is the REASON why I created “The Charging Bull” tarot spread.

When you fully understand the factors that affect your financial success, you can take better control of your financial future.

“The Charging Bull” is a selfless spread that answers your most difficult questions, offers you precious insights, and even reveals a path that’s most beneficial to you…

In other words, it speaks from the heart and REVEALS ALL that your financial adviser is too afraid to ever utter.

“The Charging Bull” Spread Draws Its Powers from the Famed Bronze Wall Street Bull

To the uninitiated, the majestic 3½ tons Wall Street beast, situated at Bowling Green, looks like nothing more than a tourist attraction.

But if you’re sensitive to energies and vibrations, quiet your mind and stand in front of this bronze bull… you will sense the statue is more than meets the eyes.

The bull leans back on its haunches, head lowered, as if ready to charge. It radiates an energy of abundance that can empower anyone with a boost in life, and especially in the areas of wealth and prosperity.

To better understand the powers of “The Charging Bull” allow me to explain the history behind this amazing beast —

The year was 1987, and New York City had just experienced the worst stock-market crash in history. Things were so bad that in mere short months, the city was riddled with crime and violence.

That was when the artist, Arturo Di Modica, conceived the idea of the “Charging Bull” during the city’s most bearish hour. A Sicilian immigrant, Modica was fortunate enough to experience that America was indeed the land of opportunity. He found success in New York — enough so to purchase his very own Manhattan studio and a Ferrari. 

Modica was so saddened that his beloved city had sunk so low… a shadow of its former and future self. That's when he conceived the idea of the Bull as a symbol to reignite New York’s drive, optimism, and willingness to barrel against the odds in spite of what had come before. 

That was 25 years ago. Since then the Bull’s time in New York has been generally BULLISH. The beast witnessed the city’s reversal of fortune, the drop in crime, the rise in real-estate prices, the election of a billionaire mayor. 

He’s also stood firm through the dot-com bust, two terrorist attacks (9/11 left him covered in a thick layer of soot), and even the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

The Charging Bull has since been a symbol of optimism and positivity even in the darkest times.

Your “Charging Bull” Spread Will Tell You What You Need To Know To Get More Money Into Your Life

Card 1: The Heart of the Matter

Describes the actual problem at hand, what has motivated you, and what is happening to your at the moment regarding your present financial situation.

Card 2: What is Crossing You

Showcases general influences outside of your control that are affecting the situation and how they are helping or hindering you. It can also point to your moods and desires as well.

Card 3: The Root Cause

Points to the key factor that is causing problems in your financial situation, it is something you may or may not be fully aware of.

Card 4: Recent Past

Provides information about what you have been going through up until very recently. This card points to a specific experience that is now fading away and you have to let go to move on.

Card 5: Conscious Influence

Describes your thoughts and beliefs about money, work, wealth and financial security. It shows what money means to your, and how you have learnt to deal with finances.

Card 6: Immediate Future

Offers insights about events in your immediate future, what lies ahead of you in terms of work and finances. It usually denotes events that you cannot avoid.

Card 7: Your Self Image

Talks about your energy, thought, patterns and mindsets when it comes to work and dealing with finances. Also speaks about how you have to behave in front of others when it comes to money, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can improve in that area.

Card 8: Your Environment

Shows the support or opposition you receive as an outer influence from people around you. If it's a court card it can talk about someone in your immediate surroundings that is either helping your or putting obstacles in front of you.

Card 9: Hopes and Fears

Denotes something that you both hope and fear. It's an inner desire for something that also makes you feel uneasy and insecure.

Card 10: Overall Outcome

Provides hints as to what is most likely to happen in the longer run, what kind of events are about to unfold, and what is the best way to deal with the situation.

Card 11: Actions You Need To Take

The Action Card that aims to bring clarity to you in terms of what exact actions are needed if you want to overcome the outcome predicted by Card #10, or if you want to speed up the process of dealing with your present situation.

Remember, Your “Charging Bull” Spread Will Reveal The Path To Your Financial Abundance

Whether you’re worried about money, buried under a mountain of debt, or just curious about a new venture…

“The Charging Bull” will help lift you over the hump, and lead you to a stronger, clearer path to take — even when you’re confronted with the most worrying or overwhelming events!

  • Learn some of the reasons behind any financial problems you're experiencing (if any);
  • Know the factors that are hindering your money making;
  • Find out how you can improve your financial situation;
  • Discover how to get more money into your life.

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  • I want to give you a small yet powerful taste of Tarot (the cards of the Universe)... how to tap into it and use it to free you from money worries.
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