Discover your sacred inner genius and powerful gifts that you were born with…

I Am Looking For 557 People Who Would Like To
Discover Their True Life’s Purpose,
And Unlock Their Inner Genius And Natural Talents
I Am Looking For
557 People Who
Would Like To
Discover Their True Life’s Purpose
And Unlock Their Inner Genius And Natural Talents
From the desk of Sophia Loren


Dear reader,

When was the last time you had advanced knowledge that could help you easily get you anything you wanted? When was the last time you not only foresaw an event but had the superior knowledge to turn the event into an outcome that was 100% in your favor?

That’s exactly the kind of knowledge that’s available to you now.

Now, I don’t mean to be too straight forward. But it’s very critical that you understand what I’m about to share with you. Knowing your life’s purpose is the key to solving every problem and issue you are dealing with or will ever come across. Understanding your life purpose could give you access to anything you could ever want.

I’m not saying this is a magic pill, because that’s far from the truth. This is the beginning of your journey, your chance to discover your life’s purpose and make your life ten times easier.

Once you understand your life purpose, hidden gifts, and what you were meant to do, your hardest issues will be much easier to work through.

  • You see, a lot of people don’t have this knowledge…
  • They stay stuck in old mindsets which they’ve had since childhood…
  • They keep making the same mistakes
  • They keep the same flawed friendships
  • They stay faithful to unfulfilling relationships
  • They sacrifice their precious years into draining dead end careers
  • And they carry the deep emotional issues they’ve had for years…

You see, when you are in tune with your true genius, natural gifts, and your purpose in life, you become more in alignment with your true nature and a great amount of resistance is lifted from your life.

  • Your issues are lifted and life becomes a lot easier...
  • The right relationships seem to just “happen” or the ones you are in run a lot smoother...
  • Things click and people end up getting in the “right” career, some experience promotions...
  • Money flows a lot more easily...
  • Tough pain becomes easy to work through, and suddenly you aren’t dragging heavy emotional weight around in your life anymore...
  • And most issues don’t seem so serious, because you are living in a different paradigm where most issues are temporary short term manifestations.

Hi, my name is Sophia. I started reading Tarot around 37 years ago at a difficult time in my life. When I had moved to New York, it was a totally new environment for me. New culture, new job, and the typical pains of surviving.

Luckily, I had the love of my life by my side. And he is the one who introduced me to Tarot reading. It had been our second year together, and I truly felt I had found my soul mate.

But then one day everything crumbled as I was cleaning our apartment. I wanted to get the place ready for our anniversary dinner. As I was cleaning under the bed, I found a box I had never seen before. And I looked in it to find letters to a woman.

As I read through them, I saw that he was planning to move in with her. My heart was crushed. He was leaving for a different country, leaving me behind. I felt cold, sad and angry.

So things came to an end, and to make things worse, the company I worked for was laying people off left and right. I knew I would get my termination soon because the company was closing its doors for good.

I wish I could say that it was only my work situation that was bad, but I wasn’t so lucky. My social life was in the dumps too. People whom I thought were my friends suddenly started walking out of my life without any reason why they were ending our friendship.

Looking back, it was easy to see how my life was in absolute shambles…

  • I was heartbroken…
  • Looking back I realized I never really was in a fulfilling relationship…
  • My job was tiring, draining and going nowhere. I wasn’t doing the work I wanted to, I was doing what would pay the bills…
  • I wasn’t making all the money I wanted and needed. I was always “getting by”…
  • To make things worse I was going broke and about to lose everything…
  • My friendships were never fulfilling and always carried a certain amount of tension behind them…
  • I was clueless as to where I was headed in life…
  • And I was carrying around that deep emotional pain that I just didn’t know how to let go of because of everything I experienced…

My entire back was against the wall. I was about to lose everything I had, but I had no idea why this was all happening at once.

So as I was lying down, figuring out what to do, I grabbed a tarot deck that my ex left behind and started shuffling the cards. I remember learning about a life purpose spread a while back, but I had never given anyone a reading.

I was completely worried, but with my last ounce of optimism. I decided to give it a try. So I went into a deep meditation that I had learned from a yoga class I had been taking. I meditated for an hour to clear out any thoughts that may get in the way of the reading.

And so I performed the “Life Purpose” reading for myself.

It was a little bit mysterious at first, but everything became a lot clearer after I drew each card. It’s as if my life started to make sense, and all the answers were right in front of me.

  • I realized that my separation with my ex was for the best, and the pathway to removing the deep pain became clear…
  • I figured out I was more of an analytical person, which better directed me on my career…
  • I discovered I was afraid to let go of old friendships which had already ran its course…
  • Everything was clear and I knew my purpose in life…

But the thing is… I needed to act fast. I needed to take action right away if I was going to make this work. So with the realization of my gift for being analytic, I decided to present a plan that I had been pondering about for the last few months that would fix the company’s problems, and have them back to normal instead of them shutting down.

Despite my low level position in the company, I spoke to the owner and presented my plan. They were near shutting down, so they were willing to try anything.

And it worked!

My plan boosted sales by a whopping 21% and we gained great exposure. I saved my job and went from an average admin, to a manager where I was happy with what I did. It was unbelievable and I was astonished at the changes that happened just knowing my life’s purpose.

Everything just seemed to click.

Within months of realizing my life’s purpose and going with my true nature, I started to meet friends that I connected with and that I was more comfortable with being my true self.

But I didn’t just enjoy new success at work and with my friends. I met a man who loved me for who I really was. And thanks to finding my true life’s purpose, I was able to release all my sadness and anger, and just let it go. Later on, my love life turned out much better.

37 years later, after all the Tarot readings I’ve received, done for others and performed for myself, I have found that the “Life Purpose” reading is the foundational knowledge in our life’s journey.

With years of experience I have become well-versed in the various meanings of each card. Most tarot readers only know a few.

Tarot reading is timeless when it comes to achieving results in all areas of your life.

Tarot reading has been used for centuries. For finding one’s soul mate, the right career, how to protect loved ones, protect one’s self, win wars, choosing the right stocks to invest in, how to make a relationship better, all the way to seeing if the current person in their life is capable of being trustworthy.

The “Life Purpose Reading” reveals your “Grand Path”, while all the other readings are single pathways to your desire and have a much more narrow focus. 

Knowing your life’s purpose gives you full control of your life path. I’d like to think of it as the master reading. It is the foundation to help you put any other readings you’ve received in place.

A Path Of Greater Self-Discovery

With this reading, your life path will finally be revealed. You’ll find out who you really are and that will help you start to move forward with greater potential. When you are moving along your life path, you sail much smoother.

Of course, there are always big waves to overcome. But your life becomes much less resistant. You start to go with the waterfall instead of trying to swim up the waterfall.

I give you the key to tapping into your true nature, which sets you on a path of greater self-discovery. The first part is to reveal your hidden talents and gifts. Once this is clear, everything in all areas of your life start to click -- one by one.

Discover Greater Compatible Relationships

You could get any Tarot reading to solve your relationship issues, find a new lover, or attract the one you have had your eyes on for some time. But knowing your life’s purpose sets you on the master path to make greater decisions with a lot more ease, especially if you are ever unsure about whether a particular person is “the one”.

It is much more accurate for you to know if the person is in tune with your life purpose and your true nature, rather than relying on a person that comes into your life through one reading. This way, you would be able to better tell which person is exactly “the one”.

Finding the right people you click with overall will help you save time from people that aren’t a good fit in your life. With a “Life Purpose Reading”, all your relationships will become clear and you will quickly understand why you favor certain friends over others.

How To Make More Money Doing What You Love

If you think about it… more than likely you were influenced into doing what you are doing now by your family, friends, society, or as a last resort. Most of us never really got to choose where we wanted to be. There was usually something that influenced us that was outside of us.

If you are in the wrong career right now, it might not feel so fulfilling. You might feel there is no room for growth, and there are other things you wish you could be doing. Feeling trapped in your job is the worst feeling…

But discovering your hidden gifts through a “Life Purpose Reading” would make finding what you really want to do a breeze. Discovery is the first step to start doing what you are “really” passionate about. When you find out exactly where you want to be, you regain your strength to dictate your life path. Instead of being influenced from something outside of you, you end up in your dream career, you make a living doing what you are truly passionate about, or your life’s work could be something that changes the world.

Clear Away Deep Emotional Pain

Trust me, I know what it’s like. Deep emotional trauma from the past is really hard to get rid of. To make it worse, sometimes the past gets in the way of the love that is coming to you from all different areas in your life. And this is sometimes a big factor in steering you off your life’s path.

Knowing your true path in life immediately fizzles this type of pain out and any misdirection you would experience. A lot of my clients who have received a “Life Purpose Reading” from me, reported an immediate sense of peace. For others, it took some additional time to work through but they eventually achieved greater peace within themselves in the end. And that’s when the loving emotions started flowing into their life to allow greater abundance.

Card Interpretation

Let’s face it, interpreting tarot card meanings can be extremely difficult for many people. Each card has a variety of meanings from different people throughout history.

And I know that can all be very confusing. But I have been practicing Tarot reading for over 37 years, and when it comes to tarot interpretation, I’m a virtual Einstein. You are going to get the full truth from your reading, with such great accuracy that there is no need for a second reading.

Plus, I’ll weave your card interpretations into a full story that is entertaining and a joy to read.

The Flaws And Catastrophes Of Self-Readings

Many people love reading tarot as a hobby. But I can tell you from years of experience, self-readings often cause great confusion. If the reader isn’t satisfied with the cards drawn, sometimes they will do multiple readings for the same spread which causes great inaccuracy to the reading.

It takes someone with great knowledge to only need one reading and be able to interpret the full meaning. As in the case for multiple readings of the same spread, it is usually because the person drawing the cards couldn’t accurately give the full interpretation for the cards.

When I give a reading, I am able to interpret the full reading the first time regardless of the combination of cards.

First off, in order to do tarot readings for yourself, you would need to be objective and accurate. Otherwise you could have many misreadings. And like countless others, you could end up doing many readings over and over.

Self-reading takes great self-mastery. Any negative emotions can affect your self-reading.

Doing different readings for one situation can create a great amount of confusion. You would need a great sense of intuition, full understanding of tarot reading and trust, so that an accurate answer could arise from the reading.

How To Get An Accurate Tarot Reading

Each tarot card has a different meaning when a clarity card is drawn. Often, most people will research all the different meanings for one card, leading them to choose the one they want.

To avoid “amateur focus” by unknowingly paying attention to the meanings you want (for self-satisfaction), your readings would be better interpreted having someone with years of experience that could string together all the possible complex messages.

There is also a stronger objective side to the reading when someone else does it. Then again, more accurate results always come when readings are done by someone with a vast amount of experience and great intuition.

And you won’t end up interpreting your reading the way you want. But if you think you can fully trust your intuition, then by all means, perform a reading yourself.

The Two Paths

When you are on the Path of Certainty, everything is clear. Your relationships are getting better every day, you are enjoying your life’s work, your financial situation is at abundance, your health is great, and you are happier than ever before. You know where you are going, what you were put on this earth for, and your life purpose. Of course, we are always learning regardless of the knowledge we have.

Then there’s the Path of Uncertainty. Sometimes your relationships suffer, your financials are in bad shape, and your emotions are a complete disaster. Uncertainty contains obstacles, aimlessness, and misunderstandings of setbacks.

However, knowing your life’s purpose gives you the ability to swiftly handle setbacks. Even pre-destined setbacks can sometimes turn into advantages if you have the right clarity beforehand.

And that’s where a “Life Purpose Reading” can help.

You could be spending years on a path that is fully against your life’s purpose and feel like you’re going nowhere. But with the right guidance, you could quickly move towards enjoying the relationships, career, and financial situation you have always been dreaming about.

Discover The Ancient Strategy Used By Kings and Queens

Throughout history, many kings and queens in the past have had countless tarot readings for love, victory in wars, to find their true purpose, gain riches, or sometimes to take over new lands.

This practice even goes on to business owners of today, past presidents and first ladies of the United States, even current celebrities.

And to cite a few known names throughout history:

Genius legends Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were advocates of the psychic world.

Also, former Presidents such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.

Even Queen Elizabeth I reached out to psychic advisers.

There are also several A-list celebrities of today who get psychic consulting, such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz.

J.P. Morgan even quoted “millionaires don’t have astrologers; billionaires do”.

They have all turned to psychics, mediums, oracles, and tarot readers in times of great decision making.


And to cite a few known names throughout history:

Genius legends Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were advocates of the psychic world.

Also, former Presidents such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton.

Even Queen Elizabeth I reached out to psychic advisers.

There are also several A-list celebrities of today who get psychic consulting, such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz.

J.P. Morgan even quoted “millionaires don’t have astrologers; billionaires do”.

They have all turned to psychics, mediums, oracles, and tarot readers in times of great decision making.

Living Life Through The Unknown

When you are unclear about your life, you walk down the wrong path in confusion, and nothing is clear for you.

You tend to see life through a dark cloud, making all your decisions through this point of view, pushing away all the love in your life. 

And the truth is, there are all kinds of love and abundance making its way into your life. But let’s be real here… misguidance from your life’s purpose only pushes away the love and abundance you have right now, your relationships, the possible countless financial opportunities in front of you, and the great gifts the Universe is trying to send your way.

But do not worry, because even if you have pushed away any greatness in your life, whether you parted ways with a loved one, lost a job, or anything else…

The Universe is still sending its abundance your way, and all you have to do is get in tune with your “true life path” and unleash your hidden potential.

If you could experience greater results than you are getting now, can you imagine how much you are currently missing out on?

The Mother Of All Readings 

The “Life Purpose Reading” is known as the “Mother Of All Readings”. This is the strongest reading you can get, as knowing your life purpose can guide you in any decision you make, and reveal your personal divine path. Knowing your life purpose will help bring more clarity to answers you get in any other reading.

Why Walk When You Can Fly?

You see, most people make their lives an uphill battle that is completely against their life purpose. But if they are in tune with who they really are and trailing on their life path, life runs a lot smoother for them.

Let me explain… Some people are in a career that their parents or teachers have pushed them towards. And others are still in relationships that have already run its course, but are holding on out of pure social pressure. Then, there are people who put up great resistance to meeting someone new.

Life just seems “off track” when you are not in line with your life’s purpose.

Most people are going about life the wrong way by suffocating people’s true genius, trying to shove others in line to live life the way they think it should be lived. This has been going on since you were at a young age. People establish their habits, beliefs and ways of living on you.

When you know your life’s purpose, your past programming starts falling out of your life. Then, you start to develop into who you truly are.

You start to break free, away from others beliefs. And when you are at “Total Freedom”, you begin to fly

And this is how you can make this happen a lot sooner…


I want to introduce to you the “Life Purpose” tarot reading which is designed to reveal your true life’s purpose and to put you on the path to fulfilling your purpose. This will help in guiding you toward abundance financially, through relationships, and your overall wellbeing.

Here is how it works:

Your reading consists of four cards, each with a specific meaning towards your life purpose. Four extra cards will be drawn to give meaning to each of the main cards. Then, two more cards will be drawn as part of the conclusion of the reading.

To top it off, I’ll give you a full, thorough combined meaning of what all the cards mean aside from their individual meanings. I’ll create a full story so you may enjoy and easily understand the whole concept of your reading and life purpose.

Keep in mind, you’ll experience the expertise I’ve developed from more than 37 years of studying and practicing tarot. I’ll set the path and foundation for your true life’s purpose, revealing your hidden potential and gifts. You’ll gain a complete understanding of how the cards relate to you and your life, and then you can take the suggestions of the card and put it into action. 

Because let’s face it: The most powerful way to change your life, multiply the amount of money you make, form new habits that create success in all areas of your life, and to accomplish greatness in anything you do… is to make small actions each day. Making small actions is the simplest way in human psychology to change your life. You would want to constantly follow digestible, easy-to-do habits each day to live a different life style, and ultimately your achieve your dreams.

I have put a lot of thought to assist you in this area. So I have created the perfect program for you to go along with your “Life Purpose Reading”.

And that is…

The Calendar Of Change: Making small changes to unlock your genius potential and live your true life’s purpose

Many people struggle to implement the cards’ meanings in their lives. That’s why I have created a powerful tool to help you make great change to your life -- the “Calendar Of Change”. It is a two week program of small, actionable steps you may take to discover and pursue your life’s purpose that is customized to your “Life Purpose” reading.

The Life Purpose Spread

Each of the first four sections uses a pair of cards. The first card explains the general meaning of that position; the second card offers helpful advice or modifies that meaning to some extent.

This is followed by a card that defines the rewards for pursuing your Purpose, and a “base card,” drawn from the bottom of the deck, that reflects your original intent in seeking out your purpose.

Here’s how it works…

Cards 1 & 5: Your True Purpose

Have you ever been curious about your talents or hidden gifts? Well this first set of cards is literally the door way to unlocking your true unlimited potential.

  • If you were to only have this piece of knowledge and didn’t pay attention to the rest of the cards, you would be able to immediately tap into your genius potential with this alone.
  • You will find out exactly what you do better than everyone else. And guess what? Whenever someone discovers what they do better than everyone else, this usually leads to a positive change in their finances.

Each person has special knowledge that they brought into this earth with them, which makes them very unique and powerful. Some never harness their full potential, and the ones that do, live a great life, leaving a legacy behind.

Cards 2 & 6: What You Should Be Doing Now

Once you know your life purpose, the next thing you need is guidance on what type of action you should be taking. This is the set of cards that gives life to your “life purpose” reading, and brings your life purpose from the spiritual world into reality.

  • This further goes more into the detail of “how” you would want to take action. It gets even better as all the cards are interlaced to reveal a combined reading.
  • When you get a tarot reading, a lot of it is up to you to interpret. But I give you great detail so you won’t have to deal with confusion.
  • If you were ever confused about what to do after a tarot reading. Then not to worry, as this set of cards reveals a full on detailed course of action.
  • Discover what it takes to immediately start walking your path of abundance in your relationships, finances, and over all well-being.
  • Get completely clear on what actions to take for your short term strategy.
Cards 3 & 7: Your Best Course Of Action

To get more in detail about your life’s purpose, the reading goes into detail of the best course of action you could take, to add to what you should be doing now.

If you often come across multiple paths or decisions, the reading will show you the best path to take. This is more of a slower-paced approach meant to last for years to come.

  • Your “Life Purpose Reading” doesn’t just guide you for a few months, but in this section you discover your own personal strategy for the long years ahead.
  • Discover your personal guidance plan that you can depend on when you are curious as to what direction to take in life.
  • This is where the reading gets even more specific and further clears the path.
Cards 4 & 8: Your Area Of Self Discovery

This set focuses primarily on the area you need to develop most with your personality. Usually, there are certain roadblocks that hinder your gifts, talents and inner genius.

If you are able to learn just a little bit more about yourself, accept it and change. A small change in yourself could lead to enormous results far into the future.

  • Become aware of anything that could be in your path that could interfere with you unleashing your genius and unlocked talents in life.
  • We all have a spot that needs more work in our personality. In this section I reveal how to strengthen your weakness.
  • Gain the knowledge to start mastering yourself. People who master themselves have great endurance through the tough dilemmas in life. Someone who has mastered themselves is near invincible on this earth.
Card 9: The Reward For Your Efforts

At the end of every voyage, there is a treasure chest full of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies… These treasures manifest themselves as the relationships you have been wanting, the amount of money you have been dreaming of, the health you have always wanted, and the beautiful happiness and bliss that is rightfully yours for the taking.

Tarot cards are a two sided fence. This section will reveal what will happen if you pursue your life purpose, and you may find out what will happen if you don’t. It’s better to drive through life with the right knowledge rather than stumble forward directionless, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied.

  • Have your special rewards revealed to you for pursuing your life’s purpose, or discover setbacks in your life that will happen if you DO NOT pursue your life’s purpose.
  • This section by itself is powerful because it is a wake up call of the possible consequences of ignoring your life purpose. This is also a revelation of the possible blessings that are coming into your life.
  • Gain an upper hand on how to handle what’s to come in the future. This will literally put you three steps ahead of what’s coming into your life.
Card 10: The Base Card

This card is literally the “base” of the question, as it was pulled from the bottom of the deck. It is the underlying reason you’re asking this question in the first place, your deepest and most personal motivation. This reflects your original intent in seeking out your purpose, giving you the final closing that is specifically customized towards your life’s path.

This will reveal your “real” intent for seeking your life’s purpose.

The Calendar Of Change

This is a two week program designed to put you on the path of your life’s purpose. It is up to you to implement the actions I suggest. Implement everything and you will become a new person that is in tune with their life’s purpose. Take this spiritual and physical upgrade and use this to take every area of your life to the next level.

The Amount Of Life Purpose Readings Are Limited

I am going to be limiting the amount of “Life Purpose” readings I am going to perform.  This powerful reading will be at an extremely affordable price.

However, this offer is going to be unavailable soon, as I will only be giving exactly 557 “Life Purpose” readings. I don’t know how long I am going to want to do this type of reading because it is very time-consuming and intense for me to do. As a result, I may stop offering this reading at any time without notice.

In the past I have had celebrities, politicians, and executives from different companies pay me $1500 for a reading.

But not to worry, because this isn’t going to cost as much as you think it would.

It’s a lot less than what I have charged in the past…

Less than what my past clients and friends who have received readings from me and have achieved greater relationships, increased finances, and gone on to be a lot happier with their lives.

Less costly to have me come to you in person for a private executive reading, which would be around $5000

And it’s a lot more convenient than practicing tarot for over 37 years and doing a self-reading. There was a lot of misguidance, pain and confusion learning all those years.

Knowing your life’s purpose could save you a great amount of time as it will put you on the path to easily letting in your greatest desires, rather than resisting them.

You are thinking by now that you are going to pay at least $1000 for a reading…

But you aren’t even going to pay half of that…

Not even $250...

Since there will be a certain amount of readings I am going to give out, your price today will only be $27.00 for a “Life Purpose” reading.

Your Life Is At A Crossroads…

…and now you are at a fork in the road. You can continue walking the same path, unaware of your life’s purpose…

Or you can have your life’s purpose revealed and experience abundance in all areas of your life.

Simply click the button below to have me perform a customized “Life Purpose” reading for you.

Some of what you will experience…

  • Discover the exact actions to take to improve your relationships, finances, career, and greatly increase your happiness…
  • Have a powerful accurate “Life Purpose” reading done for you from a tarot practitioner with over 37 years’ experience…
  • Receive my two week program entitled “Calendar Of Change” that is specifically customized just for you to start living your life’s purpose TODAY…
  • Find out what you are better at than everyone else, and how you can use your personal genius to dramatically change your financial standing…
  • Start living a life that literally pulls in all your desires by utilizing your hidden talents and gifts vs. living based off of what you were taught to think…
  • Find out what it takes to improve your current relationship or find someone better suited for you…
  • Discover your true genius and the best direction if you are planning a career change soon…
  • In life, our normal emotional state is not “normal”. We are naturally supposed to experience bliss and love. Find out how to develop yourself and lift the roadblocks and release any emotional problems you may be dealing with…

Furthermore, I’m going to take all the weight off of your shoulders and make this a win-win situation for you.

I am going to make this an easy offer for you by giving you a 60-day money back guarantee. If you go through my reading, apply the “Calendar Of Change” (a two week program), yet you aren’t satisfied with the changes in your life, and don’t feel like it was worth your time or money, then you have 60 days to ask for a full refund.

And if by the 59th day, you decide that this wasn’t for you, you weren’t completely happy, or on the rare chance you have simply given up on your life’s purpose, then I will refund your money back in full.

You have a full 60 days to go through the product, which is more than enough time to apply the “Calendar Of Change” program.

Simply click on the button below to discover your true life’s purpose.

But there’s just one thing and it’s pretty important. I only want people who choose to commit to this life-changing program. If you are not fully committed to create great positive changes in your life, it is best to stop reading this now and do some soul searching before you decide to purchase a “Life Purpose” reading from me.

I am only giving a limited number of readings and I am only accepting people that are truly committed to finding their life’s purpose. Each and every one of these readings are special and dear to my heart. They are reserved for people who truly and deeply need this reading.

Keep in mind this reading is limited to the first 557 people only. As soon as those are purchased, I will take this offer down from my site.

The lucky people who will get my unique “Life Purpose Reading” will be on the path to experience great abundance in all areas of life.

I am looking forward to graduating 557 people into finding their life’s purpose, since I will never offer this reading after all the spots are taken. My goal was to let a certain number of people have this experience, then move on to different readings that would help other people.

If I do decide to offer this in the future again, I am going to charge my executive rates because this is a divine and unique reading that has helped me so much in life. And I want this to be an extremely rare and sacred reading to anyone who I give this to in the future. With my over 37 years’ experience in tarot, I am qualified to give this reading. 

Right now, only people on my email list will have access to this special offer. I am expecting this reading to be sold out fast. So I urge you to take action on this offer as soon as possible.

Just click the button below to experience results.

If things aren’t great in your life right now -- you don’t have that fulfilling relationship, the job that you want, the amount of money you desire per year, or the happiness that you truly want… Then it’s time to make a change.

With the “Life Purpose Reading” you are getting a full on reading that is approximately 20 pages long. This will reveal your true life’s purpose.

This will give you complete direction in all areas of your life:

  • Experience more fulfilling relationships than you have ever experienced before. I’m talking about a rendezvous that is meant to touch your soul, the kind you were born to experience…
  • A career that is full of passion.
  • Experiencing the finances you have always dreamed of.
  • Unleashing the massive positive emotions that dissipate any resistant emotions you may have.
  • Along with a “Calendar Of Change” that is meant to make great changes in your life. And literally steer you in the direction of your life purpose.

Get this whole reading at the price of only $27.00

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you go through my reading, apply the “Calendar Of Change” (a two week program), and you aren’t satisfied with the changes in your life or you don’t feel like it was worth your time or money, then you have 60 days to ask for a full refund.

If you are reading this right now, there is a feeling deep within you and it’s urging you to take a step further in life. Because the truth is, you were always meant for something greater than what you are doing right now. And the best thing to do is to trust your true instinct because it has never led you astray. It’s always right.

But if you aren’t ready to fully trust your instinct, and are on the fence, then this reading wouldn’t be suitable for you. This is for people who are ready for a journey. Are you ready to become one of them?

Click the button below to get your “Life Purpose Reading”.

Thank you so much for being with me here and reading. I know you are going to love your “Life Purpose Reading”.

Yours truly, with lots of love and abundance,

P.S. I can guarantee that you will get a “Life Purpose” reading. But as soon as all the spots are filled, I will no longer be offering this. This reading itself saves you a lot of time, heartache, and money.

If you find the right relationship, the perfect career, or find your true happiness in life… how far ahead will you be if you experience this sooner rather than 10 years from now, or go through a lot more bumps in the road to find it? On top of that, this is a win-win situation because this reading is guaranteed to your satisfaction by my 60 day money back guarantee. Since this is much easier to do than go through a life full of struggle, why not try this out? 

If you feel you are ready to discover your life’s purpose, your hidden gifts, and your true talents, then click the “Buy Now” button RIGHT NOW to get your “Life Purpose” reading.

P.P.S. If you are not happy with your life right now, it is destined to stay the same unless you attain new knowledge or walk a different path. You are still going to have the same financial situation, relationship, and life situation.

Knowing your true life purpose could help things from getting worse in your life. So get your “Life Purpose” reading right now so you don’t regret it later when I am no longer offering them. Click the buy button right now to move your life towards a much more positive direction.

P.P.S. Since this reading is very close to my heart and I have accomplished a lot with this reading, I will no longer be offering this as soon as all these spots are taken.

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